Are you a victim of violence?
We can help you take the first step.

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We welcome anyone, with or without children, who is a victim of domestic violence of a physical, sexual, psychological, economic or social nature in an emergency situation, to offer them a listening ear and safety.

Am I a victim?
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Am I a victim?

Your partner is always checking up on you, always wanting to know where you are and who you’re with.

He/she hits you and threatens to hit you or harm your children, pets or family members.

You are working but do not have access to your accounts or your bank card.

When he/she comes home at night, you are afraid. He/she prevents you from seeing your friends or family.

He/she constantly puts you down and tells you that you are worthless. His/her harsh words have made you lose all self-confidence. After mistreating you, he/she promises not to do it again.

He/she forces you to have sex even when you don’t want to.

Do any of these statements apply to you?

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Call us on
027 563 03 03
For an initial contact or in an emergency.

Your partner does not have the right to abuse you; such acts are punishable by law.



The FAVA Foundation offers outpatient care (interviews) and/or accommodation, depending on the needs of the victims.
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telephone helpline – interview – discussion group

1 structure in French-speaking Valais for victims of psychological, economic and social violence
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emergency accommodation

3 shelters for all types of domestic violence: Sion – Martigny – Chablais region
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Welcoming and listening
The Foundation supports victims in their efforts to rebuild their lives.
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The Foundation provides advice and guidance on socio-economic and legal issues.
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Psychological support
The Foundation offers professional and specialised support to improve self-confidence.
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The Foundation provides secure accommodation.
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Administrative support
The Foundation supports victims in their administrative procedures.
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Foundation Our mission

The Foundation is the result of a partnership between the Department of Health, Social Affairs and Culture (DSCC), the EssentiElles Foundation and the associations Accueil Aurore and Point du Jour to respond to changing needs and future challenges.

  • To guarantee the coordinated implementation throughout the Valais of the policy of caring for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, in accordance with the priorities defined by the State of Valais.
  • Welcoming people, with or without children, who are victims of domestic violence of a physical, sexual, psychological or economic nature in an emergency situation, offering them a listening ear and security.
  • Coordinating with the network to ensure efficient care.
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If you have an emergency, give us a call!
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